Gelişim University Joined Student Exchange Program IAESTE!

Gelişim University Joined Student Exchange Program IAESTE!
Dr/Marwa Fahmy Date : 08 Jun 24

Istanbul Gelişim University Joined Student Exchange Program IAESTE!

Istanbul Gelişim University (IGU) is taking a significant step towards internationalization by becoming a member of the International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE).

IAESTE provides internship opportunities for students in over 100 countries, especially in engineering and technology fields. It also facilitates student exchange, enabling Gelişim students to gain international work experience while qualified students from around the world can intern at IGU.

How will Gelişim Students Benefit from IAESTE?

  • Gain valuable international work experience through internships in countries like Australia, Canada, Germany, the UK, the USA, and more.
  • Learn about work cultures and projects in different countries.
  • Enhance their social and intercultural skills.
  • Return to Türkiye as internationally qualified professionals.

Advantages of the IAESTE program to Gelişim University:

  • Attract experienced and qualified international interns.
  • Introduce global work principles and perspectives into the university.
  • Support Gelişim University's vision to become a “global university”.

What is the Istanbul Gelişim University Ranking in 2024?

Istanbul Gelişim University is ranked 2277th globally and 54th among Turkish universities in 2024 according to Webometrics.

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