Extend applying to Turkish universities until End of 2023

Extend applying to Turkish universities until End of 2023
Dr.Marwa Fahmy Date : 04 Oct 23

The Higher Council has extended the deadline for applying to Turkish universities until the end of 2023

The Higher Education Council in Turkey has extended the registration period for international students applying to Turkish universities until December 29, 2023. 

This decision provides a great opportunity for students who did not have enough time to complete their documents and want to study at Turkish universities, where they must submit the necessary papers for admission and the specific requirements of the university they wish to attend.

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Why Turkey?

There are several reasons why international students are increasing interested in studying in Turkey, including:

  • Low cost of living and studying in Turkey

For student living costs, Turkey offers many famous student housing to international students known for their cleanliness and elegance, where it costs approximately $400 to $600 per month depending on the level of living they choose.

  • Discounted public transportation for students

Students receive a 50% discount on all public transportation, and the student is required to obtain a transportation card as soon as they arrive in Turkey.

  • Museums and tourist attractions available for students

Students also enjoy a very large discount on museum and tourist attraction tickets, with a museum card for students costing approximately $2 until graduation.

  • Student discounts at government commercial stores

Students enjoy discounts on commercial goods at government shopping centers, sometimes up to 25% off the product price.

  • Cinema and theaters

The Turkish government also supports students in entertainment, giving them discounts at theaters and cinemas.

  • Mobile internet packages:

Mobile phone companies offer discounts for students on package prices, and also provide special student packages.

  • Booking flights from Turkish Airlines:

All the student has to do when booking through Turkish Airlines is to present the student card they hold to enjoy a 15% discount on all flight tickets.

  • Ease of access to universities by transportation.

The popularity of Turkish education for its quality and distinction.

  • Turkish universities offer many scholarships for foreign students.

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