Beykent University ranked first in the THE Ranking 2023

Beykent University ranked first in the THE  Ranking 2023
Dr.Marwa Fahmy Date : 20 Sep 23

Beykent University ranked first in the THE  Ranking 2023

The results of the Times Higher Education agency's 2023 global university rankings have been announced, evaluating universities based on their contribution to society in the "THE Impact Ranking 2023". This ranking measures universities' support for students and communities in sustainable development principles outlined by the United Nations. Beykent University in Istanbul was among the top 300 universities out of 1,951 universities in the world in the "Poverty Alleviation" category, demonstrating its support for the poor in society and ranking first among foundation universities and fifth in Turkey.

Beykent University Ranking

  • According to the Times Higher Education agency's 2023 rankings, Beykent University ranked fifth among foundation universities in the Hunger and Clean Energy program.

  • The university Ranked third in Clean Water and Sanitation.

  • Ranked fourth in Climate Action, and fifth in Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure. 

  • The university is also ranked 81st among Turkish universities and 2680th globally according to Webometrics global rankings.

Advantage of Beykent University

Studying at Beykent University in Turkey has many benefits, including:

  • Beykent university has several international and local recognition.

  • The university gives a variety of activities to help students study better.

  • It has continuous development of services and academic programs.

  • Beykent university has more than 10 research centers to encourage scientific research.

  •  It gives distance education options for students who want it.

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