Lokman Hekim announces the opening of applications for 2024

Lokman Hekim announces the opening of applications for 2024
Dr.Marwa Fahmy Date : 05 Feb 24

Applications open at Lokman Hekim University 2024

Turkish Lokman Hekim University announces the opening of its doors to international students to register their papers at the university for the year 2024-2025. For those who wish to study at Lokman Hekim Private University, they must submit the necessary papers to register there before the end of the seats allocated for international students.

Lokman Hekim University Ranking

Lokman Hekim University is ranked 8520th globally, and 168th among Turkish universities. It obtained many international and local recognitions.

Advantages of Lokman Hekim University

Lokman Hakim University is distinguished by:

  • Providing double majors, where its students have the ability to study two specializations at the same time.

  • It has membership in 3 of the most important international student exchange programs: Erasmus, Al-Farabi, and Mawlana.

  • Providing training centers for students in hospitals accredited by the university.

  • Developing the health sector in Türkiye, which is one of the goals of establishing the university.

  • Providing English language preparatory programs.

  • Providing high-quality programs supported by the latest technical methods.

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