Altinbaş is the top of Erasmus for student exchange 2023

Altinbaş is the top of Erasmus for student exchange 2023
Dr.Marwa Fahmy Date : 13 Sep 23

Altinbaş University is the top of Erasmus for student exchange in 2023

Altinbaş University in Turkey continues to provide opportunities for hundreds of students, academic and administrative staff to gain education and work experience abroad. 

The university aims to increase its success through more projects, student and staff exchanges. Altinbaş University has succeeded in sending and hosting students, allowing them to increase the amounts they receive from grants each year.

The university has more than 365 agreements in the Erasmus program in 59 countries, making it one of the most widely used universities for the Erasmus program in Turkey. As a result, Altinbaş University won the "Erasmus Minister" award at this year's Erasmus coordinators meeting held in Italy in 2023.

Through these programs, students have the opportunity to gain international experience by participating in short-term exchange programs and projects with leading universities around the world. In addition, the university offers opportunities for student exchanges in 50 countries on five continents through dual exchange programs.

Students can also complete internships at selected institutions abroad during their studies or within 12 months after graduation through the training mobility program.

Altinbas University hopes to continue this success in providing benefits to its students, faculty members, and administrative staff in 2023.

Altinbaş University Ranking

Altinbaş University is ranked 146th locally, 6897th globally according to Webometrics for global rankings.

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