Recognition of Altinbaş by Jordan 2024

Recognition of Altinbaş by Jordan 2024
Dr/Marwa Fahmy Date : 14 Mar 24

Altinbaş University strengthens its position and obtains recognition from the Jordanian for its bachelor’s degree

The Turkish private Altinbaş University announced that it has obtained recognition from the Jordanian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research for bachelor’s degrees in all majors offered by the university. 

This achievement is an important milestone for Altinbaş University, as it strengthens its position as a leading university in the field of higher education in the region.

Altinbaş University recently obtained accreditation from the United Arab Emirates, and the university is recognized in many Arab countries and the European Union.

Advantages of Altinbaş University

Altinbaş University is a beacon of science and knowledge in Turkey, providing students with an exceptional educational experience that paves the way towards a bright future. Among the advantages of Altinbaş University are:

  • Academic Diversity: The university offers 9 colleges, an institute for graduate studies, a vocational school for health services, and a school of foreign languages, so that each student can choose the specialty that suits him.
  • Diverse academic programs: The university offers more than 75 academic programs, meeting the needs of students and keeping pace with the latest developments in various fields.
  • Financial support: The university constantly provides scholarships to outstanding and needy students, to ensure that they receive an outstanding education.
  • Caring for students: The university provides an academic advisor for each student, to provide him with the necessary support and guidance during his educational journey.
  • Employment support: The university helps its students find work after graduation, through its career center, which offers job opportunities in holding companies.
  • Cultural Diversity: Altinbaş University has the largest number of foreign students in Turkey, which allows students to learn about new cultures and make international friends.
  • Student Life: The university offers more than 80 clubs for students, to encourage the development of their skills and enrich their student life.
  • Student housing: The university provides housing for expatriate students, and also helps them find suitable housing elsewhere, if they wish.
  • Recognized certificates: The university offers accredited educational certificates that are globally recognized in most countries of the world.
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