Student housing in Turkish private universities
Mariam Aboulmagd Date : 17 Feb 24

Taking a huge step, such as moving to another country to study abroad, can be so exciting but a bit scary. You explore a new country, learn new things, and meet diverse people. As much as you love this new environment, at the end of the day, you still want to go back to a place you can call home.

Having a comfortable place to stay can be a top priority for you. Everybody needs a safe, clean, and comfortable place of accommodation. Student housing in Turkish private universities makes sure to provide their students with the best facilities within the campus area.

Types of student accommodation in Türkiye 

When you first arrive in a country you don’t know, you might be confused about which place would be the best for you to stay for the duration of your studies.

There is more than one option available for housing for international students. You can choose the one suitable for you according to the specifications you desire for the place of your residence.

Accommodation options available for students:

  • University dorms that are offered within the campus area.
  • Renting an apartment alone or with other people.
  • Private student dorms that are privately managed but are close to university campuses.
  • Religious Foundation dorms that include religion related activities and programs.
  • KYK state university housing that is managed by the government.

Why stay in Turkish private universities for students? 

Staying in student housing offered by the university can be considered the best option for students who study at private universities in Turkey. Here is why:

  • Usually, university dormitories are a more budget friendly option than renting an apartment on your own.
  • You don’t waste any time commuting. Dorms are either located on the university campus or within the same area as the university.
  • You get to meet new people and gain new experiences from living with other people you didn’t know before.
  • Private university dorms provide their students with areas dedicated for studying separate from the spaces they sleep or socialize in.
  • University dormitories are considered to be safer than other places of accommodation. They usually have security guards and CCTV cameras.
  • Universities make sure to equip their dorms with all the facilities the students might need to have a balanced life.
  • You don’t need to worry about buying furniture, paying the bills, or having basic utilities. All these basics are included in the fees you pay for the university dormitory.

 Types of student accommodation in Türkiye

Private universities in Turkey with student housing

Many Turkish private universities offer dormitory options for students. We will mention some of the top available dormitories here.

Istanbul Medipol university

  • The campuses of Istanbul Medipol University are located in the heart of Istanbul. 
  • The university dormitory is located on the Kavacık campus in Beykoz.
  • They have separate dorms for boys and girls.
  • The girls' dorms are on the Kavacık south campus.
  • The boys dorms are on the Kavacık north campus.
  • The dorms are well equipped with all the basic facilities, as well as a gym, a study area, and a cafeteria.

Koç University 

  • Koc University is also located in the city of Istanbul.
  • The university has two dorms, one on the Main (Fener) Campus and the other on the West Campus.
  • There is a shuttle service available for students to move between the two dorms.
  • The dorms are equipped with the basics, but you might need to buy a few things before moving into your dorm room.
  • The dorm offers the students a variety of fun activities. You can find a swimming pool, play-station, and an ice-skating rink within the dormitory area.
  • There is also a health center available at all times.

Bilkent University 

  • Bilkent University is located in Ankara, the capital of Turkey.
  • Dorms are located on the Main and East Campuses of the university
  • The university dormitory consists of 26 different buildings with different designs.
  • The dorms ensure a comfortable stay for the students by being equipped with the basic necessities.
  • The dorm has included facilities such as study rooms, social areas, kitchens, and laundry and ironing rooms.

There are many other universities all over Türkiye that also make sure to provide the best accommodations for their students. 

Private universities in Turkey with student housing

Required documents for on-campus student housing 

These are a few documents that they will most likely need from you during registration. Although documents may vary depending on the university you decide to apply to, make sure you have everything prepared.

  • A photo of you
  • Your passport or ID photo
  • The required health report
  • Your criminal history report
  • Your student information certificate

Tips for applying for student housing in Türkiye 

  • Read about all the options and facilities offered to you in the student dorms. 
  • Make sure to prepare all the required documents that need to be submitted to the university.
  • Applying for the dorms offered by the university is a separate process from applying to study at the university.
  • Don’t miss the deadline for the application for student housing opportunities.
  • Follow all the instructions during the application process until you get accepted.

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