Quota for Physical Therapy is full at Yeni yüzyıl 2023

Quota for Physical Therapy is full at Yeni yüzyıl 2023
Dr.Marwa Fahmy Date : 22 Aug 23

Quota for Physical Therapy at Yeni Yüzıl University is full in 2023

The allocated seats for the physical therapy specialization at Yeni Yüzıl University in Turkey for the academic year 2023-2024 have been completed. It is worth noting that physical therapy in Turkey has gained wide popularity among foreign students due to its many advantages, such as:

• Turkey is one of the countries famous for medical tourism, which increases the demand for physical therapy.

• Turkish universities offer high-quality physical therapy programs with a distinguished academic faculty.

• The cost of studying physical therapy is relatively low compared to other European universities.

• Turkish universities encourage students to conduct scientific research and provide laboratories equipped with the latest devices.

Best Turkish Universities for Studying Physical Therapy

There are many private universities in Turkey that offer high-quality physical therapy programs, including:

• Istanbul Aydin University

• Istinye University

• Bahçeşehir University

• Biruni University

• Gelişim University

• Istanbul Medipol University

• International University of Cyprus

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