Our Services

Our Services

Free Consultation

  • Are you hesitant or unable to decide your academic path? Or did you decide it or create a perception of it but want to hear an expert opinion that increases your confidence in your choice?
  • We at StudyFans are here to support you and help you with full commitment, as we adopt an approach that relies on counseling with honesty and sincerity as if we were providing it to our children.
  • Consultation based on long expertise, many experiences, and distinguished relations with universities, to put our students not only on the right path, but on the best path.

Career Counselling Program

  • Deciding your specialty is one of the most important decisions you make in your life, you choose a specialty you will spend your life, will make a great effort and a long time in study and then work, be careful to choose it scientifically.
  • The correct decisions which based on a correct methodology, then supported by our God, produce great results.
  • There is no good or bad specialty, you choose your specialty because it is suitable for you, not because it is a good specialty.
  • There is a successful person and an unsuccessful person. Look for the specialty which you can be successful in.
  • He main factor in your decision must be you, not the community or your surroundings.


The appropriate specialty for you must have the following specifications:
1. Must meet your passion.
2. Fits your current and expected capabilities.
3. Achieves your main goal of work.
4. There is an opportunity to study it.
5. There is an opportunity to work with it.
If you are unable to determine these five points, we will assist you in identifying them through the tests and sessions of our program.

University Admission

  • We offer many educational opportunities for our students and give them a free consultation on what is the best university suitable for each student according to specific criteria.
  • We prepare the student file professionally, according to the requirements of each university, then we support the file with all the letters of recommendation and letters of intent to increase the chances of acceptance in the targeted universities.
  • We submit the file to the university in the correct form according to each university, and follow up the file until getting the acceptance.

Schools Admission

  • We offer many educational opportunities For Our students, the available schools and the differences between them in terms of language and the educational system and others.
  • We prepare the student file professionally, according to the requirements of each school.
  • We submit the file to the school in the correct form according to each school, and follow up the file until getting the acceptance.


Preparatory Year

  • To join universities in some countries such as Germany, Turkey, Malaysia, UK, and others. the student must pass a foundation year "between secondary school and university" especially for holders of Arab certificates.
  • Also, many universities require a language proficiency certificate.
  • Our role in StudyFans is to provide different alternatives for our students to meet the qualification stage required for the university, whether the required qualification is to master a particular language or pass the an exam.


Dorms & Housing

  • Turkey has many housing options, including luxury, medium and economic.
  • The monthly rent ranges between 400 and 2000 TL according to the level of housing, its location and the area of the rooms.
  • We at StudyFans help the student find the most appropriate housing in terms of financial and geographical (proximity to the university where he is studying) and in terms of cleanliness, safety and quiet, so as to ensure him stability and focus on his studies.


Integrated Logistics Package

In the first year of his or her educational life abroad, the student needs to get help in arranging his legal and personal affairs until settling down and get to know the new country, understand its procedures and learn its language.
With our experience in these countries, we play this role in order to facilitate the stability of their lives at the beginning, and provide all the comforts for them, since receiving them at the airport.

  • Visa issuance.
  • Receiving the student from the airport.
  • Provide suitable housing for the student.
  • Signing and stamping the rent contract.
  • Issuing the public transportation card.
  • Purchasing a cell phone line.
  • Issuing the residence permit.
  • Opening a bank account.
  • School certificate equivalence procedures.
  • Full year support in all legal, governmental, educational and health services the student needs.
  • All transportations through the procedures will be done by a private vehicle.
  • Carry out the postponement of recruitment.
  • In case the student is under 18 years, our office will have the power of attorney from the parents, in order to be able to represent them to the officials.