Why study for a Bachelor of Business Administration?

Why study for a Bachelor of Business Administration?

31 Jul 2021

an introduction:
In light of the advanced technology and the expansion of the local and international market, and the reliance of everything on the cognitive curriculum in the weight of skills and building strategies, it was necessary to establish colleges concerned with this development and accompanying it.

The business administration major qualifies the student to obtain a degree that qualifies him to obtain job possibilities. Rather, a bachelor’s degree in business administration is the first step to entering the business profession and occupying senior positions in business organizations and others.

Definition of business administration major:

It is the cognitive and practical meaning of all activities and tasks that regulate the work of institutions and business organizations, and these processes include:

Monitoring and follow-up processes
Planning and organizing processes
Command and control operations
It also includes operations marketing, administration, human resource management, finance, accounting, international trade, and financial analysis.
Courses taught in Bachelor of Business Administration:
Academic year

Academic courses

Practical skills and experiences


Basic theories of management, economics, finance and accounting.

Data science, people management, and organization.

Social and strategic sciences and public administration.

Recognizing the typicality of university education, specialization requirements, and teachers ’instructions


the second

Sociology and statistics.

Specialized courses such as finance, marketing, operations and quality courses.


Learn about the university environment

The third

Strategy, Organization, Marketing, Operations, Supply Chain and Social Path, which includes electives that focus on the social aspects of management.

Participate in internships

The fourth

Internal and external practical training (graduation thesis project) in one of the commercial institutions and companies.

Jobs for Bachelor of Business Administration graduates:
There are dozens of jobs that are related to the business administration major, including:

Work in health care and other fields.
Work in all government ministries as well as non-governmental organizations
Work in information management systems
Work in the fields of marketing and scientific research
Management of small and large projects
Management of sales and administrative services
Department of Transportation, Storage and Distribution
Community Service Department
Financial Affairs Administration
Management analysis and data
supply chain management
All logistics services in business organizations.
Why study a Bachelor in Business Administration:
The Bachelor of Business Administration degree is a (4) year study at the university that enhances the graduate’s competence and discipline at work.
Business Administration major gives students the opportunity to learn the foundations of accounting, finance, economics, marketing, information technology, operations, human resources, etc.
Business Administration specialization provides an environment of cognitive and practical training and raising the level of practical skills in the specialization and in the areas of management and leadership, problem solving, time management, analytical and critical thinking, and documentation.
Bachelor’s study includes multiple practical and knowledge topics, including business theory, business law, ethics, economics, basics of entrepreneurship, e-business, and project management.
The Bachelor of Business Administration degree is the first step to be completed with the Master of Business Administration degree, which is a graduate level degree that qualifies for the position of CEO and Director of Operations. Then the student can go on to obtain a doctorate degree, which qualifies them to work as consultants, executives, or university professors.

From the above, it becomes clear to us that the business administration major aims to provide the student with knowledge, training, linking theory with reality, and providing students with a set of knowledge related to business management for the administrative process and knowledge related to administrative support.