Why to Study computer engineering ?

Why to Study computer engineering ?

29 Jun 2020

Computing and computer engineering  are one of the scientific and applied sciences that keeps pace with the great development and technological boom in all aspects of life. Computer engineering is no longer a mere university specialization / it has become a competitive advantage for everyone who wants to develop and turn into an innovator in many areas in which computer engineering is involved. The graduate from this specialization is qualified to solve complex problems, and the owner of a sophisticated science can learn and gain experience in it Self or through other courses keep pace with technical development.
Computer engineering, computer engineering is much more than just programming; It is about inventing and building solutions. And it also qualifies the specialist in it to be marketable and occupy advanced functional and leadership positions. Therefore, the specialty of computer engineering is the real investment of time, effort, money and future. The period of study of computer engineering in universities around the world is four years, and it is years that give the student knowledge and experience in computer engineering sciences.

Computer engineering is a system that combines electrical engineering and computer science. This means that computer engineers often specialize in one of the following areas: software engineering, electrical engineering, computer programming, computer engineering, computer information systems, or computer science.

Computer engineers aim to match the appropriate hardware and software to meet the technological, scientific, and administrative needs of companies and industries. To achieve this, the computer engineer tests computers and their own systems and develops memory devices, processors, and networks.

Who are the computer engineers?
Computer engineers are those who innovate in the digital and technical development industry through various computer programs that have come to cover vital aspects of our lives.
Computer engineers are the ones who design, design, develop, and apply software and hardware to the programs we use day in and day out.
Computer engineers made our lives easy with daily innovation. Such a creative field, studying computer engineering helps you broaden your horizon of creativity and provides solutions to problems that people have not thought of yet.
Computer engineers are highly paid and they are among the top ten earners in the world according to the statistics of the last four years
Computer engineers have hundreds of fields in which to work, and in every region makes a difference.
Excellent job satisfaction: Computer engineers have the highest job satisfaction rates. This is because of the freedom of work they enjoy and the flexibility of work that is provided to them.
Computer engineers each have opportunities for real creativity and innovation. A computer engineer is an artist whose paintings may be a screen of a smartphone or a personal computer and whose colors and brushes are programming languages ​​and development environments.
Student educational qualifications in the field of Computer Engineering "Computer Engineering"
Good level of English
A graduate of the science section in high school and proficient in mathematics, technology and engineering subjects
He has an innovative and creative ability and a willingness to deal with electronic devices and the digital world and enjoys logical thought, and the ability to lead thinking to solve problems and find alternatives.
The future of computer engineering "computer engineering":
In the years to come, people will become more and more dependent on computers and devices, so computer engineers will have many things to do. There will be so many elements and devices on the Internet that their numbers far exceed the Earth's population. It will be a challenge for current and future computer engineers, can they cover all of that, or do they need thousands of professional graduates to cover the needs of the coming years. The answer is in your right decision to be a computer engineer. All horizons are open to you .. everything will be digitized and everything in our lives will need the intervention of computer engineers .. And we support that with statistics for the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, who stated that job expectations in this field across the world are expected to grow by 17% between 2014 and 2024. There are multiple job opportunities, so why not from the Technical Development Army?!? (5 Reasons to Study Computer EngineeringJun, 2019)

Computer Engineering specialization:
Those working in this field have at least a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering. Computer engineers work in multiple disciplines, some of which include: electronics, robotics, artificial intelligence, computer systems, and integrated engineering, to name a few.

The role of computer engineering in developing vital sectors: (5 Reasons Why You’ll fall in Love With Computer Engineering Jobs, 2019)
Computer engineering provided information systems for hospitals and doctors, which allowed for better treatment.

It made health care safer too. By providing a database.

- Computers have made the world a small and connected place. By developing the modern digital media world.

These innovations allowed people to work remotely and the ideas that came from everywhere

Thanks to computer engineering and technical applications, geo/graphy is no longer a constraint on sharing and accessing information.

Thanks to the development of computer science disciplines and engineers, I created self-driving cars and high-speed transportation.

In computer engineering, every day there are new technologies, programs, discoveries, innovations and creativity. The field of computer engineering is advancing without stopping. And the life of computer engineers is advancing and developing.

Why study Computer Engineering:. (Top Reasons to Study Computer Science, 2019)

- There are many reasons that attract and motivate you to enroll in computer engineering specialization programs in the group. Preferably, you are passionate about computer hardware and software, as this science does not stop, just as the bachelors and masters degrees in computer engineering