Why To Study Automotive Engineering ?

Why To Study Automotive Engineering ?

27 Jun 2020

The Department of Automotive Engineering is one of the departments of relatively recent engineering, which originated primarily to meet the global need and keep pace with the great development and proliferation that witnessed the field of manufacturing and production of various means of transportation, especially cars, and the field of automotive engineering is a field derived from the field of mechanical engineering, such as other specialties such as marine engineering and engineering Aerospace and other disciplines, and within the framework of this topic we will try to answer the question: Why study Automotive Engineering?

Automotive Engineering Definition:
In fact, the study of automotive engineering in general includes the study of electrical and electronic sciences as well as the study of the various design and production stages for vehicles and cars as well as some studies related to security and safety, so that the study is not only limited to cars but extends to other means of transportation such as trucks, buses, motorcycles and many of the Means of transportation, in order for the student to be well acquainted with all engineering systems in these machines and theories of their work.

Why study automotive engineering?
There are many advantages that may lead you to think seriously about studying automotive engineering. Perhaps the most important of them is that you will learn design studies, which include the various design and manufacturing stages, as well as learn the basic details of the design of many vehicles, including buses, trucks, motorcycles, and know their mechanical systems that operate in them.

Specialization is not limited to studying mechanical sciences only, but the study subjects department expands to include electrical sciences, electronics, motors and wheel-drive systems, and the student at the end of the educational stage will have a great degree of familiarity with the main elements of the car and methods for determining the basic arithmetic indicators necessary to walk in various types of roads.


Perhaps one of the most distinguishing features of the study of automotive engineering is the great effort made by universities in order to provide students with the skills necessary to participate in the race of scientific research, innovation and development, which is witnessing a great acceleration, especially in the field of the automotive industry, and this would open the door wide open for students to be creative and innovative in Several areas such as the level of driving for cars and buses, and working to develop their own operating systems in order to reach the highest efficiency and also modernize the safety and security mechanisms of cars and buses in new and innovative ways.


The universities also provide a good opportunity for students studying in the automotive industry, which is practical training within large and pioneering companies in this field, especially with the great development in this field, which will give the student a great opportunity to be present in the real work environment and understand the nature and different manufacturing steps that it is going through. Cars and that would help the student to consolidate the scientific concepts that he learned during the years of study inside the university.

What will the auto engineering student study?
During the study of automotive engineering, the student will obtain a wide range of scientific knowledge and specialized technical training through the different years of study, and we can show the most important of these matters in a set of points as follows:

Good understanding of engineering and basic principles of automotive engineering design.
The ability to apply and implement engineering principles perfectly in both manufacturing and design in the automotive and transportation sectors.
Learn about the latest technologies used and used in the automotive industry globally, and learn about new manufacturing methods.
In-depth study of the types of materials used in the manufacture of car bodies, and the study of alternative fuels used today.
Learn and understand the various methods used to enhance safety precautions in vehicles.
Learn the methods used to measure vehicle performance and measure its tolerance in different working conditions.
Students implement a practical graduation project in the last two years of study, so that students begin to design and prepare for the project from the third year of study and then start implementation in the fourth year of study.
Job opportunities available
Perhaps this particular point will give a sufficient response to the question we asked at the beginning, which is why you study automotive engineering, and the reason for this is the large number of job opportunities available to graduates of this specialization from universities and this is due to the close relationship that links the auto industry with other areas of other industry .

As the global market in general is witnessing a significant growth in the number of small and medium-sized companies in the field of auto parts production, in addition to the large companies that work in the production of cars directly and this is due to the intense competition between many countries in this field, and the work of an engineering graduate will not be Cars are limited to auto companies only, but it extends to more than one other industry, the most important of which are iron and steel industry, industrial and agricultural machinery and equipment, building and fuel products, as well as industries related to electrical and electronics products.

Not only that, there are many other job opportunities available to graduates of the automotive engineering field such as working in air, sea and land transport companies, working in regular production line companies, working in maintenance centers and manufacturing auto parts, working in mechanical systems design, working as a mechanical expert and also an opportunity Work as a teacher in industrial schools.

The career future for automotive engineering graduates
As we explained in the previous point, the job opportunities available in this specialization are many and optimistically numerous, but this is not the end of our answer to the question that we are trying to answer, which is why we study automotive engineering, so let us point with confidence that a graduate of automotive engineering will not find any difficulty in Having a job in this field, and most of them work in major vehicle manufacturing companies in their countries or in institutional institutions