Why to study Architecture ?

Why to study Architecture ?

22 May 2020

Architecture, also known as building engineering, is an engineering discipline that deals with the technological and technical aspects of planning, designing, building, and operating buildings, such as integrated analysis and design of ecosystems, energy conservation, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, plumbing, lighting, fire protection, acoustics, and transportation , Structural systems, behavior and properties of building materials and components, and construction management.

Architecture emerged as a relatively new licensed profession in the twentieth century as a result of rapid technological developments. Architects are at the forefront of addressing the major challenges of the twenty-first century, working in a world of rapid advances in computer technology, and within concepts arising from the need to create a sustainable world.

The reasons for studying architecture
The student who is preparing to enter the university should think well to choose architecture, as it is considered one of the best experiences that a student can get in his life. The way you deal with problems in all areas of life, and this specialization also provides the opportunity to travel to explore how people live in other parts of the world, travel is a prerequisite for all architectural students, and during study and work later allows the engineer through 3D computer /graphics, designs, designs and /graphics to use a passion Creativity, students often find themselves very focused in their work.

What is taught in architecture
The Engineering specialization allows the student to combine mathematics, business, art, science, mathematics, and business subjects, so during studying at the university the student gets subjects in the fields of mathematics (including engineering, algebra, trigonometry, differential and integral), science (physics), statistics, and computer science (Especially 3D modeling and linear programming) and art (such as painting and art history).

Employment opportunities upon graduation
The Architectural Engineering specialization is a great opportunity to develop both technical and creative skills, and due to the wide range of skills involved in this specialization, students studying architecture can find career opportunities in many industries including interior design, urban planning, and building management, and include Possible career paths Working as an architect designing buildings for a group of clients including large companies, as well as interior design, and this involves creating designs that increase the efficiency and style of interior spaces and make them full of beauty and life and that the designs are safe and practical, and from the tracks also construction management, where engineers participate Architects in coordinating construction operations, and that includes everything from preparing contracts to tracking the progress of craftsmen to ensuring the availability of appropriate materials for each project, and the architect can also specialize in urban planning, through the coordination of resources, development, analysis and review, and thus neglect along with officials Years and community members to help the region adapt to evolving problems, goals, and economies. This involves not only systematic planning, but also creativity, which are two main factors that emerge from education as an architect. As for wages and salaries, the salary varies greatly according to the type of work the engineer does, but architects in the United States earn an average Annual income of $ 79,300, and some salaries may reach $ 120,000.

Postgraduate for Architecture Engineering
After completing a bachelor’s degree in architecture, students can enroll in several universities that offer masters and doctoral degrees, after which the student specializes in one of the sub-sciences of architecture, including building management, urban design, landscape design, and programs combine artistic principles, science, and engineering , Which helps students learn more about designing attractive and useful structures.

The personal requirements of the Architect
Like many disciplines, architecture requires the presence of some personal qualities that intend to enter this interesting field, the most important of which is that he has a passion for what he does to make sure there is a desire and ambition for success. To achieve his goals, those who are eager and eager to accomplish the task at a high level are those who tend to achieve the goals and with a high level of productivity, and among the personal attributes also calm and take matters into consideration, as there will be times when the job becomes stressful and put the architect under a lot of pressure, but Maintaining a calm and comfortable behavior will complete the tasks with a clear and focused mindset, and there must be the attributes of confidence, the ability to adapt, and the ability to be creative to succeed to the extreme in this job.

Architect lifestyle
The life of the architect adapts and changes greatly with the nature of his work, they follow greatly their own taste, and most of your interests in travel become focused on buildings and designs, and you try to jot down ideas that come to your mind quickly even if on tissue paper, and you see in the impossible possibilities, and you will become Mostly a lover of black in clothing and even your car, you do not see that you can deal with your work as it is a way of life, and it may reach your ability to live without human contact, sunlight, water or food for days, you are indulged in your work, and finally you will be impressive and inspired To others.