Overview On The Governmental Universities

Overview On The Governmental Universities

Public universities in Turkey are among the most important universities in the world at the present time and they are a meeting place for many nationalities and everyone who seeks knowledge and wants to complete his university studies in a country famous for higher education and the great educational capabilities that attract many people to him from different countries of the world in general, and the most important What makes people go to this big and ancient country in education is the good reputation that comes from the mouths of everyone who goes to this country and completes his studies or at least for the sake of tourism only and seeing the great potential.

Public universities in Turkey:
The universities of Turkey have developed significantly in the recent period and have become in the picture unlike many other universities in the whole world, it includes many disciplines that allow all students to choose the best for them and specialize in it, and here each student finds what he wants and what he wants in order to reach Glory in the sky of education through public universities in Turkey, which we will learn about the most prominent in the following article, along with the conditions for application and dates, and the best of these universities that we find a lot of people searching for on the Internet.

Conditions for admission to Turkish public universities:
First Bachelor's degree:
Admission to public universities in Turkey is more difficult than admission to private Turkish universities, and universities differ among themselves on the terms of admission as we can divide universities at the undergraduate stage into 5 sectors:

The Elios sector: These are the universities where the student needs to be admitted to enter the Elios test for the university only or one of the Elios exams held by other Turkish universities only, such as Istanbul University, which accepts the test of its university only, unlike some other universities such as the University of Gaziantep, for example, which accepts its test as well Examination of Istanbul University.
International Examinations Sector: The student is required to take an international exam such as SAT or ACT or AL exams for British high school like Hagi Tepe University and Bogazici University.
Local and International Secondary Sector: It accepts Arab and local high schools in addition to the certificates of the second sector, "International Examinations Sector", but this type of university gives priority to students of the second sector during application.
Fourth Sector: Accepts both first and second sector certificates as Yildiz Technical University.
Fifth Sector: It accepts all certificates such as Yııışışışışışışışı and Ankara University, but this type of universities gives priority to the first and second sector students.
For admission to medical departments in public universities: This requires a great effort from students, as most public universities accept students only with IOS certificates or international certificates and with high levels approaching 100% in the IOS test, and you can read our article on advice for admission to medical colleges for more information.
For admission to engineering or literary specialties: The student must prepare to enter the American SAT exam and obtain a score of 1250 or more, and you can read our article on advice for admission to engineering colleges for more information.

Secondly Master's and Doctorate level "Postgraduate":
Universities differ among themselves on admission requirements, as we can divide universities at the master's level into two sectors:

First sector: needs GRE or test. GMAT
Second Sector: The application is accepted directly with the Bachelor’s Certificate.
Application preferences to public universities:
Universities differ among themselves on the way to apply, and the ways to apply include:

Electronic trade-offs.
Electronic trade-offs + paper-mail delivery.
Fill out the form by hand + send the papers by mail.
A direct comparison between traveling to university and handing over papers.
There are some universities that require payment of fees to apply during the joints between $ 20 and $ 150 depending on the university, in addition to that there are some universities that require interviews with students before admission.

Information on application dates for Turkish public universities "tradeoffs":
Firstly, Bachelor Degree Preferences:
Public universities differ among themselves in the opening and closing dates for application and results and registration, some universities open the application for two weeks from May and others in June or July, but generally the first public university begins to open its doors for application in the last week of the fourth month. April "Every year, the last public university closes the application for it on the first day of the last week of the ninth month," September.
Some public universities open more than one comparison to apply for, because seats were not completed during the first comparison, due to the failure of admitted students to register at the university.
Some universities open more than one comparison, allocating one for advanced students through the IOS test, another for students applying for international degrees, and a third comparison for students applying for local high schools in their countries.
Second, Master's and Doctorate Degree Preferences:
Public universities differ among themselves in the dates for opening and closing the application, and the date for results and registration, because not all universities open the application at the same time.

The universities open the application twice in the first year during the month of June and July of each year and the second during the month of December and January of each year.

Papers required to apply for the bachelor's degree:
High school diploma "Diploma".
High school diploma "Statement of Degrees".
passport copy.
IOS test certificate or international tests "if available".
Papers required for Master's and PhD levels:
Graduation certificate for bachelor’s degree in the case of applying for a master’s degree and two graduation certificates for both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the case of applying for a doctorate.
Bachelor's degree certificate certificate in the case of applying for a master’s degree and two certificate of degree statements for both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the case of applying for a doctorate.
At least two letters of recommendation.
A letter of intent.
GRE degree but not required in all universities.