The Turkish scholarship

The Turkish scholarship

Have you ever heard about the Turkish scholarship and the benefits it offers to learners who wish to complete their educational career in Turkey? If your answer is no, let us tell you in the following lines all about this scholarship.

Many students and even graduates want to hone their educational skills by studying abroad, and tuition fees usually hinder their dreams, so the Turkish government has worked to provide a great opportunity for students who want to complete their studies in its universities.

The Turkish scholarship does not only provide the student with travel, accommodation and transportation costs, but also the most important advantage for any student is studying in universities that are fair among the top 500 universities in the world.

First of all, what is the Turkish grant?
It is a free scholarship offered by the government in Turkey to foreign students from different countries of the world, and it is considered one of the most prominent grant programs offered by countries to students around the world.

This is due to several reasons, among them, the Turkish scholarship covering almost all academic specializations, and in various educational stages, such as bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees.

The Turkish government provides students with more than 4000 scholarships every year, which leads to an increase in the percentage of those who wish to apply for a Turkish scholarship.

Turkish Grant Benefits:
The scholarship provides students with a private residence, free of charge. It is a university residence that provides an environment suitable for studying, creating new friendships and building a network of relationships with individuals of different nationalities.

In the event that the student does not like to stay in the housing provided by the university, he can move to where he wants, but it should be noted that this option will cost you residency at your own expense.

But before you consider leaving university housing, you must know that university housing facilities include all the services a student can need, as his life makes him easier, and also includes daily meals.

health insurance
The Turkish grant provides its students with a comprehensive health insurance through which the student can obtain medical, therapeutic and medicinal services in all hospitals affiliated with the government without any compensation, and also in the event that the student wishes to go to private hospitals, he will not pay similar fees to other recipients, but will find himself paying Reduced fees.

Health expenses often haunt foreign students, so if you are willing to get a Turkish grant, do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of the comprehensive health insurance that the grant provides you.

Turkish language
As is well known, studying in Turkish universities takes place through the language of the country itself, so you are required to master the Turkish language in order to achieve full benefit from the grant, and the good news here is that the grants provide you with a course to study the Turkish language for a year.

flight tickets
Students often rejoice to obtain a scholarship in a country, but what disturbs this joy is a condition stipulating that "the scholarship does not include travel expenses", a condition that is not present in the Turkish scholarship that provides its students with two tickets; One for arriving in Turkey, and the other for leaving after the end of the study period.

Transportation and museums
We told you that the Turkish grant provides you with free accommodation, health insurance, airline tickets and a Turkish language course, the benefits have not yet ended here, as the grant provides you with enjoyment of the residence permit benefits, which is a card for the independence of public transport with reduced fees, in addition to visiting museums and archaeological sites without any In exchange for money.

University fees
University fees fall within the "free benefits" bracket, if students are awarded the scholarship if they are required to pay any university fees.

Monthly salary
(Bachelor's stage: 800 TL, Master stage: 1100 TL, Doctorate level: 1,600 TL.)

Conditions for applying and registration in the Turkish Scholarship Program - Bachelor's Degree:
The applicant must not be over 21 years of age

- The applicant must not be enrolled in another Turkish university with the same degree, which he wants to apply for

His grades in secondary school should not be less than 70% for all specializations and 90% for medical group specializations like human medicine, dentistry and pharmacy

- The applicant must be a graduate or close to graduation in high school, and here he can apply through a document from the school in which he studies the high school through which he proves that his average in the second year in high school is not less than 70% and that he is enrolled in the third stage of high school, and here He can apply until the high school certificate is issued.

The documents required in the Turkish Scholarship Program - Bachelor's Stage:
- A copy of a valid passport

- Copy of the marks / grades transcript

A copy of the high school certificate

- Clear photo with white or blue background

- Reveal the grades of the last semester for students who have not yet graduated from high school.

Note: Some countries issue high school certificates in one document that includes a high school certificate and a list of grades, and there is no problem with that. The student can send copies of these papers through the scanner.

Conditions for applying and registration in the Turkish Scholarship Program - Master Stage:
The applicant must not be more than 30 years old

Bachelor degree not less than 75%

The required documents:

A copy of the bachelor’s degree and grades transcript

- A copy of the high school diploma and transcript

- A report of one or two papers written in English, explaining the student about the reasons for choosing Turkey to study in, and this letter is called "The Message of Motivation"

- A copy of a valid passport

- A white or blue background photo

A letter of recommendation: It is best for the student to extract this letter through the professors at the university where he graduated

If there is an obstacle to extracting the letter from the university, the applicant can extract it from the authority he works for

The student must provide the letter of recommendation with complete personal data