Study Turkish language

Study Turkish language

Seeking to master a foreign language is no longer a secondary matter, as many jobs now require having one or more languages. What serves its owner to have a better chance of obtaining the job.

Learning a new language needs two things that are extremely important. The first is the will and determination, and the second is the passion for learning, which is a motivation for the individual to devote enough time from today to this practice. Perhaps the Turkish language is one of the most current languages ​​that have become more demanding for many things.

The goals of demanding mastery and learning the Turkish language are numerous, including traveling to Turkey to work, study or even reside there, and the three things, especially related to work, require mastery of the language in a way that helps its owner to deal easily with his superiors and subordinates alike, because breaking the language barrier opens many doors, the least of Ease of social communication.

Attention must be paid to an important thing when you learn to learn any language, which is not to place barriers and obstacles on your way with your hands. Yes, you may place obstacles for yourself, the first of which is to judge the language by complex or difficult, and in this way, you have condemned yourself to failure even before you learn a single letter.

First of all, you must have a firm belief that learning the Turkish language is possible and easy, and it is governed by two main factors, repetition and practice.

The way to master the Turkish language:
Fluency in Turkish can be done through two things; The first is to teach yourself without resorting to institutes and institutions through your smartphone or computer, through thousands of lessons available in videos on YouTube, in addition to hundreds of links on the Internet.

The second way to study the Turkish language is through reliable and well-known institutes, institutions and universities, which includes a group of accredited teachers, and some centers in your country provide wherever you are multiple centers to study the Turkish language and their addresses and prices can be known through research on the Internet.

Number of Turkish language levels:
There are two curricula in Turkey for learning the Turkish language, the Tomer curriculum and the Yunes Emre curriculum

For the Tomer curriculum, the language is divided into 5 levels

As for the Yunes Emre curriculum, the language is divided into three levels, divided into a basic level, an intermediate level, and an advanced level. Each level is divided into two parts (A and B). The student takes a test in each level and upon successful completion he is qualified for the next level.

Expected period to study the Turkish language:
As we mentioned earlier, the stages of studying the Turkish language consist of 3 levels, each level requires 7-9 weeks, where the duration of the basic level study for example at the "Altomir" Institute takes 8 weeks, 16 hours per week, with a total of 128 hours for the level, as well as in The rest of the levels.

That is, we can say that teaching the Turkish language may take 7 to 9 months

The cost of learning the Turkish language:
The cost of studying for each level ranges between $ 150 and $ 350, and therefore for studying all three levels, the cost amounts to 750-1750 USD. The fees include all books, study tools and educational records for each level.

Turkish language institutes:
There is another way to study the Turkish language through well-known language centers inside Turkey, which is what many Arab students in Turkey are looking for, or who intends to travel to them to study, learn or reside, including

Tomer Institute

Dilmer Institute

Yunus Emre Institute

Language Institute - University of Istanbul
İstanbul Üniversitesi
Yabancı Diller Bölümü

Kemeraltı Cad. No: 29 & Tophane Tramvay Durağı
İstanbul / Türkiye
Language Institute - University of Ankara Istanbul Branch
Ankara Üniversitesi TÖMER İstanbul Taksim Şubesi

Katip Çelebi Mah. Tel Sok. No: 47
Taksim / İstanbul / Türkiye
Language Institute - University of Ankara
Ankara Üniversitesi TÖMER

Ankara Üniversitesi Gölbaşı Yerleskesi
Bahçelievler Mahallesi H Blok
Gölbaşı / Ankara / Türkiye
Language Institute Aegean University
Ege Üniversitesi Yabancı
Diller Bölümü

Ege iversniversitesi
Türk Dünyası Araştırmaları Enstitüsü
Bornova - İzmir - Türkiye
And for those in Turkey, it is better to rely on a person of confidence who helps him in obtaining the best place to study the Turkish language in order not to be exposed to the monument, as it is advised to study in the city in which he lives or wants to complete his university studies in it, and you can certainly write to us to help you and guide you to the best ways Learn Turkish and the institutes that we recommend.

The Tomer Institute:
One of the best institutes in this field is the Tömer Institution, founded by the University of Ankara in 1984 to teach foreign students to the Turkish language.

The Tömer Institution has seven branches in Turkey and an eighth branch in the capital of South Korea, Seoul, and about 16,000 students study annually every year. In addition to the Turkish language, it provides other languages, including English, German, French and others.

the program:
The study program at the Tömer Institution, known as the “Tumer curriculum” of the University of Ankara, consists of 5 levels, and each of these five levels consists of two courses, and the duration of one session is 80 hours.

For a student outside Turkey anywhere in the world, he can register for one course which is "half level" and pay the cost required for it, so that he can obtain an official letter supporting him in obtaining a visa (visa).

After that, the student can complete the legal procedures through the Turkish embassy in his country in order to obtain a study visa in Turkey.

It should be noted that the cost of a single course (half level) is not refundable, as it is in exchange for registering one course for the student, and that this cost is not against the extraction of