YOS test

YOS test

Many foreign students interested in studying in Turkey and parents ask about many unclear points in the steps of studying in Turkish universities, as they differ from the steps followed in most countries of the world, and as a result of the many questions about those steps and specifically the "Elios test" we decided to devote this topic To talk in detail about the test "Elios YÖS".

What is the meaning of the word "YÖS"?
The word "YÖS" in the Turkish language is the abbreviation of the word "Yabancı Uyruklu Öğrenci" and in Arabic it means "foreign students test", whereby non-Turkish students wishing to study in Turkish universities are tested, which is a local test that is not recognized by international groups as the IELTS test And TOEFL.

How important is the Elios test?
The importance of the Elios test is that it is a prerequisite for the admission process in most Turkish universities, and Elios differs from the traditional tests because it largely depends on the student's mental level and his ability to solve problems in scientific ways and sound foundations.
Your degree in the Elios test also contributes to raising the chances of admission to most universities in Turkey, where some universities place a priority for the student’s degree in the Elios test over his high school diploma obtained in his country, which enables him to apply to study in the College of Medicine, Dental, Pharmacy, Engineering and all disciplines that require rates High.

How to prepare for the ELOS exam:
There are many books spread in Turkey in both Turkish and English to help you prepare for the Elios exam, the most famous of which is the Metropole Book. You can also join many educational institutions that help you to prepare for the Elios test and study the curriculum in Arabic. These centers also provide you with solved Youss books for their students and the study period may continue in the Elios study institutes From 4-8 months.

You can also contact us to study YOS online from home through the institutes that we contract with, and you can also download the YOS test form in Arabic from previous years to learn about the YOS exam system

Where is the Elios exam held?
The location of the Elios test is determined based on the desire of the university that you want to join, as those who want to study in Turkey must register for the test online via the university's website and specify the test center where he wants to attend the test and there is no need to travel to the city where the university is located to attend the exam where Most universities have determined the places for exams in Istanbul, and some universities specify centers within Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar to take the Elios exam in it. Among the most prominent universities that do centers for them outside Turkey are the universities of Istanbul and 19 May. The cost of the elios test is collected through a wire transfer to University account or by payment by credit card

Sections of the Elios test:
The Elios test is divided into two parts, the first section includes questions of intelligence and mathematics, and includes the foundations of mathematical analysis, while the second section concerns the foundations of engineering and geometry questions.

Intended here with questions of intelligence, questions through which the mental level of the applicant is measured, as it examines the student's ability to understand patterns of numbers, coding, consecutive numbers, mathematical operations, the relationship between geometric figures as well as understanding /graphs.

Mathematics questions include mathematical sequences, numbers, quadratic matches, mathematical analysis, first and second degree equations, and many other parts that you can read in Elios curriculum books.

The questions of geometric figures and geometry include theories of geometric figures, their types, equations, and many other Geometry topics.

In general, the IOS test consists of:
40 questions in mathematics.
40 questions on logic and mental capabilities.
20 questions in geometry engineering.
The language of the Elios test is Turkish, English or Arabic, and the student selects the language of the Elios test while registering for the test.
It is worth noting that the distribution of questions is not fixed, as it differs from one university to another, where the difference results due to the difference in the vision of each university and the method of sorting the request, therefore the task of the student who wants to study in Turkey is to know the number of questions in each part and the percentage required to be obtained in order to get a good rate that helps you to enroll With the specialty you want.

Application date for the Elios test:
Registration for the IOS exam starts in most universities during February to March of each year, and each university announces the date for the IOS exam through its official website.

As for the date for taking the Elios test, it will usually be in the month of May until June, and the location of the test will be announced according to the university where you want to take the test.

As for the scores of the Elios exam, they differ from one university to another, as they are from 100 in most universities.

What is the score required for the Elios test?
If the applicant gets 85% or more on the ELOS exam, he is entitled to compete for the colleges of human medicine, but in general after the intense competition for medical seats in Turkey increased, it became difficult to obtain a human medicine seat with a degree less than 95 percent in the ELOS test, and in If the applicant gets 70% or more, the student has the right to apply to study in engineering colleges with their specializations. Literary colleges and other colleges are available for those who obtain approximately 60%. The aforementioned percentages increase according to the degrees of students applying to take the exam.

The papers required to take the Elios test:
To take the Elios test, you need to submit these papers to the university where you want to take the exam.

A copy of the high school certificate attested and translated into Turkish "or the latest score statement obtained by the student
A copy of the applicant's passport or a copy of his residence in Turkey
A personal color photo of the applicant.
You can also see Turkish government universities without Yus

In the end, we wish you success in the Elios test, and in case you have any questions you can leave it in the comments box below and we will do