How can I start?

How can I start?

Turkey is one of the best countries in which you can study, whether in public universities with the costs of studying or obtaining a scholarship from the Turkish government, where there are approximately 120 public universities in Turkey and 80 private universities.

Turkish universities, especially private universities, are distinguished as there are universities that specialize in the study of medicine in all its branches and other universities that are distinguished in studying engineering in its various branches and so on, and this makes it easy for you to specify the university you want to study with, and during the following lines we will review with you the conditions for admission to Turkish government universities And private Turkish universities with a presentation about the Turkish scholarship provided by the Turkish government to distinguished students from different countries of the world, especially the Arab countries.

If you want to study in Turkish public universities, you must first know the conditions for admission to public and private universities.
Conditions for admission to Turkish public universities:
Conditions for admission to public universities in Turkey are somewhat difficult, especially for medical and engineering disciplines, as admission to most universities has become a requirement for the Turkish Yus test or international tests such as the American SAT, but of course there are also a good number of universities that accept students with high school diplomas only, but of course most of High ranking universities require somewhat difficult conditions, the papers students need in order to apply to Turkey's public universities.

A copy of the high school certificate that must be translated and certified by the notary public, as well as that it is modified by the Turkish Education Directorate or by the Turkish embassy in the country where the student is present, knowing that the amendment does not require the time of registration, but when admission is confirmed it must be that.
A copy of the passport for the student, provided that it is valid at the time of its presentation. It is worth noting that some universities require translation of the passport and some do not.
Personal photo with white background that is completely clear.
Language certificates, if they exist, and if they do not exist, the applicant will be subjected to admission to the Examinations Exam.
Some universities require the Turkish ELOS or American SAT test exclusively to apply to the university, and some universities accept direct high school diplomas
Some universities require a sum of money in order to search for the application for admission, and this amount is not refunded if it is not accepted at the university.
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Conditions for admission to Turkish private universities:
Private Turkish universities are widely available to many Arab students due to the ease of applying to them and ensuring admission by a large percentage, and despite the ease of applying to them, they offer a good level of university education inside Turkey and in Europe, as private universities in Turkey occupy good positions among the best universities on The local and international level and among European universities as well

Regarding the conditions for registration in private universities and academic admission requirements, it is a high school diploma only, unlike public universities that need other conditions, which we will mention later, but first, here are the papers required to apply:

A copy of your passport.
Secondary school completion certificate, along with indicating the grades obtained by the student in the academic subjects.
A test certificate of English as a foreign language, such as "TOEFL" if available, and of course in the event that you will study in the English language within the university in the event that you do not receive a test you can enter the university test in the English language, which will determine if you are eligible or to study in English
Recommendation letter, recommendation letter or nomination letter if you want to study for a master’s degree in one of the private Turkish universities.
How to apply to Turkish private universities:
The admission process in Turkish universities for the difficult thing is not considered as you can apply through us and get your admission free of charge, all you have to do is specify your major in which you want to study and communicate with us and we will help you in choosing the best university in this specialization that you can bear its annual expenses, in addition to availability Academic admission requirements It is a high school diploma only unlike public universities that need other requirements.

Turkish government grant:
The Turkish government scholarship is one of the most important scholarships in the Middle East, as the Turkish scholarship receives annually a large number of Arab students, as it is characterized by being fully funded by the Turkish government, and offers many study programs that suit university education students of various levels, they offer scholarships For undergraduate students as well as masters students as well as PhD students and researchers.

Turkish Government Grant Benefits:
The Turkish scholarship is distinguished by many things that make it one of the best and most important scholarships offered to students in the Arab world, where you can study in Turkey within the best universities and without bearing any costs from traveling for the first time until the end of the scholarship and the end of study and returning to your country again with the university certificate, and summarizes the advantages The Turkish scholarship is as follows:

The Turkish government grant covers the costs of travel from your country to Turkey and from Turkey to your country at the end of the school years.
The scholarship covers the costs of living and living with providing suitable housing for the student throughout the study period.
The student gets health insurance throughout the years of residence in Turkey.
The scholarship covers the costs of studying the Turkish language for a full year before starting studying in your major.
The student receives a monthly salary to cover his personal requirements.
You are given a card that allows you to use public transport in Turkey for free.
There are many prestigious Turkish universities that you can apply for through the scholarship.
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