Job opportunities

Job opportunities

Many are looking for opportunities to work in Turkey, especially students who have not yet completed their university studies or even people who seek to work and reside in Turkey after completing a college level.

And we review for you in this topic all the necessary details and information regarding job opportunities in Turkey, whether for students or even for non-students, where the person who wants to find a job in Turkey must implement some legal procedures in order to find this opportunity, but before that he must do Prepare some of his personal documents so that he can find what he dreams of.

Getting a job opportunity in Turkey seems complicated in the view of many people, so we prepared this article to simplify that complexity and guide you the instructions that you must follow to get a suitable job opportunity for you.

Job opportunities for students in Turkey:
Given the desire of a large segment of Arab students to travel to Turkey in order to study there or prepare for higher degrees, some need to find a job opportunity in order to cover the expenses of his daily life there without having to burden his family with any additional burdens.

As we explained in the previous articles, Arab students can obtain a residence visa in Turkey if it is accepted to study at one of the Turkish universities, after that the conditions of work in Turkey will depend on the student’s condition and study, and this is what we will show in the following para/graph.

Conditions for students to work in Turkey while studying:
Any student, whether in institutes or universities, can work in Turkey while studying normally, but only if he is a holder of a student residence in addition to obtaining a work permit from the educational institution from which he receives knowledge

Not only that, but the number of working hours assigned to them is 4 hours per day and it does not exceed 24 hours per week.

Employment opportunities for non-students in Turkey:
The situation differs with regard to people wishing to obtain employment opportunities in Turkey away from receiving knowledge and study, where anyone can obtain a work visa in Turkey in the event he applied for one of the jobs available in Turkey or by establishing his own company and submitting an application to the Ministry Turkish labor to agree to obtain a work visa.

Anyone can obtain a work visa in Turkey easily if it has been accepted in one of the major companies approved by the Ministry of Labor, knowing that the work visa guarantees a foreign person to obtain many privileges in the country of Turkey, just like any Turkish citizen.

At the forefront of these privileges comes without a doubt, obtaining free treatment at state expense, in addition to the right to receive a pension after the age of 60, that is, after retirement, and also the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship in the event of 5 years of his stay in Turkey, and finally his children obtain Free education in Turkish schools and universities if he has children away from the number.

Finally, if you have any questions regarding working in Turkey for students and non-students, you can add them in a comment or communicate with us and an expert will answer all your questions.

Factors that help find a job in Turkey:
The chances of competing for a job in Turkey are great, so we try to outline several factors that make it easier for you to work in Turkey.

The first of these, of course, is your ability to speak the Turkish language. The more you know the Turkish language, the greater the chance of getting a better job.
There is also no doubt that your knowledge of the Turkish language will qualify you for better jobs, such as working as a translator, for example, to translate between Turkish and Arabic, and perhaps English if you are fluent in it.

The second and most important of these is the skill that you can do, as you can work as a teacher of the Arabic language if you have previously taught teaching, or work as a doctor after you have completed your equivalency of your diplomas or in a hospital in Turkey.
And you may have skill in one of the other sectors such as real estate, where the real estate investment field is promising especially after the many facilities that Turkey granted to workers in this sector as well as the export of goods outside Turkey if you have experience in the field of export.

The last and most important of these factors is a good CV CV preparation that contains real information and sends it to places you seek to get a job opportunity, as well as for employment sites, and in the following address we will show the best sites that you can rely on to work in Turkey.
The most popular job search sites in Turkey: website
Occupations prohibited to foreigners in Turkey:
Like any country, Turkey seeks to put in place organized laws to work in it, as there are certain professions that non-Turks are prohibited from working in.

Dentistry and nursing
the pharmacy
Veterinary Medicine
Management of private hospitals
The writer is fair
Private security
Customs advice
Tourist guides
Catching fish within territorial waters
Establishing a company in Turkey
Some prefer to start their own company rather than work in a job that does not suit his lifestyle, so we will present the papers required to start a company in Turkey.

As for the rest of the steps, we will detail them in a separate article on the importance of the steps and stages necessary to establish your company in Turkey.

The papers required for establishing a company in Turkey
Security approval to establish a company.

A valid passport translated into Turkish and certified at the Notre Office.

Issuing the tax number certificate from the Tax Department, and the matter is done within one day.

Common inquiries regarding student residence in Turkey:

What are the costs of obtaining a work visa in Turkey while studying?
Each student must pay an amount of 300 pounds annually for the costs of health insurance. As for the fees for Turkey, it ranges between 80 pounds and 350 pounds according to the nationality of each student.

Can a student obtain Turkish citizenship after 5 years of staying in Turkey?
The student cannot obtain Turkish citizenship after this period, as