Average Cost Of Living In Turkey

Average Cost Of Living In Turkey

When many Arabs consider deciding to travel to Europe for the purpose of tourism, work, study, or even residence there, Turkey often tops the list of options for several reasons, including a relatively low standard of living in it compared to European countries and many Gulf countries.

About 7 million Arabs currently live in Turkey, and the cost of living in Turkey is what most occupies those who intend to travel to it, so we will try in the following lines to provide an overview of the costs of living there, to help you make your decision to travel to and prepare for that.

Several criteria must be set in consideration, including the number of family members intending to live in Turkey and the social level they live, as well as the social and scientific orientation of the family.

In this article we will mention the average total cost of living in Turkey for the student and the family, then we will detail in detail the average of each of these items separately

First, the average cost of living in general:
We can say that the average living for students in Turkey ranges between $ 250 and $ 500 depending on the student's standard of living

As for the family, a family of 5 needs an average of $ 1,000 per month

Second, the average cost of each item separately:
In the next part of the article, we will talk in detail about the costs of each item separately from the cost of living in Turkey, such as the average cost of rent, the average cost of food and entertainment ...... etc.

Average rental prices in Turkey:
The average monthly rent for a two-room apartment in one of the coastal cities overlooking the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea in Turkey ranges between 800 to 1,200 TL.

The matter is relatively different in Istanbul, which is the center of trade and economy in Turkey, and the first destination for Arab and foreign tourists in Turkey, as the standard of living is relatively high in it compared to other cities, we review some of its aspects here:

- The monthly rent in housing outside the housing complexes in Turkey "unfurnished" starts from $ 200 dollars, and varies according to the location and the number of rooms and starts from $ 300 dollars in the event that the housing is furnished.

- Monthly rent in housing in "untouched" apartment complexes starts from $ 250, and varies according to the location and number of rooms and starts from $ 350 in case the housing is furnished, this is in addition to a monthly amount paid for services provided by the complex ranging between $ 50 and $ 100 per month

- Government student housing expenses are very low, because they are subsidized by the government, but competition for it is also high.

- As for the monthly rent for private student housing, it starts from $ 300 per month, but it also varies according to the location and the number of individuals in the room.

- And there is the tourist housing, which are housing units that are rented on a daily or weekly basis, for the purpose of staying for a short period with the aim of tourism and the average monthly rent is 1000 dollars.

- As for hotel accommodation, it differs according to the service provided, but the minimum stay in a hotel in Turkey is $ 30 per day.

Average cost of food in Turkey:
- The cost of breakfast in restaurants ranges between one and two dollars

The average cost of a lunch in restaurants is $ 5

Food prices in Turkey are generally cheap, and of course, it increases if you decide to head to the restaurant for a meal.

Turkish products canned, wrapped and chilled are characterized by great quality and are at reasonable prices. Also, Arab products such as Arabic bread and other products that suit Arab taste such as different types of rice and spices are available in commercial stores that display Arab products.

The catering and hypermarket markets are spread in big cities, and cover various parts of the country through its chain of branches.

Among these groups are characterized by cheap prices and a large abundance of exhibits, which are present in every neighborhood and are closer to a mini market such as: A101, BIM, and ŞOK, including what offers wholesale service, including Bizem and Metro, and there is a chain of international stores such as Carrefour.

Average cost of monthly bills in Turkey:
Electricity: $ 14

Water: $ 20

Gas: $ 5

Internet: $ 12

Phone bill: $ 5

Average cost of public and private schools in Turkey:
- Governmental schools: The student does not bear any fees to attend public schools, it is completely free for both foreigners and Turks

International private schools in the American system: The cost of enrollment ranges between 4 thousand and 10 thousand dollars

Schools for the Arab system: The cost of joining them ranges between two thousand and four thousand dollars

Average cost of public and private universities in Turkey:
The cost of public universities: ranges between 300 dollars to 1500 dollars for engineering colleges and administrative specialties, while for medical colleges, it ranges between 500 dollars to 7 thousand dollars annually

The cost of private universities: The cost of engineering colleges and administrative specialties ranges between $ 2,500 to $ 12,000. As for medical colleges, they range from $ 10,000 to $ 25,000.

Average cost of buying clothes in Turkey:
The cost of purchasing a full staff of local "Turkish" brands reaches 50 dollars

The cost of purchasing a full staff of international brands starts from $ 150

Average cost of health insurance in Turkey:
Residence company insurance: It is a weak insurance that covers only emergency cases and costs $ 30 a year

International companies insurance: It covers all expenses in the best private hospitals and costs $ 700 annually per person

Student sgk state insurance: $ 190 a year

SGK state insurance for tourist residency holders: $ 100 per month

- SGK state insurance for work permit holders: $ 120 per month, and is borne by the company he works for

The cost of entering public entertainment places in Turkey:
Access to public parks is free for residents of Turkey

- Enter the zoo at