Why Turkey ?

Why Turkey ?

Turkey is one of the most important countries that admire Arab youth as a model of the country they dream to live and study in. This admiration is enhanced by being a European country geo/graphically and with an Islamic culture closely related to our Arab culture, forming a unique model for the Arab-Turkish culture and the contemporary Islamic state.

Turkey is also considered a focus of attention among those who want to study abroad from Arab youth, due to the presence of many universities specialized in important fields of study with a distinguished international classification.

So, in short headlines, we'll now show the reasons why millions travel annually to Turkey and the reasons they travel to Turkey.

1- Study in Turkey
Many are looking for ways to join Turkish universities, both governmental and private. There is no doubt that studying at a prestigious university in Turkey is a good thing, but what is distinctive is that it is a dream that can be easily achieved by the Arab youth, especially if he is distinguished by his studies, where many scholarships funded entirely or partially are available. For those who want to study in the most important public universities, you can also study at a private university with lower costs compared to the costs of studying in other countries.

It is worth noting that Turkey gives great attention to scholarships to spread its culture and language to the world, so it is natural that we find thousands of people wishing to study and obtain subsidized scholarships annually, and the Turkish scholarship is the most important scholarship in Turkey, and we will not exaggerate if we say one of the most important scholarships in the world, it is Completely funded and covers all costs of housing, health insurance, university premiums, as well as travel and visa costs in addition to a monthly salary for applicants from outside Turkey, and those who are accepted receive tickets paid by Turkey to travel to and from Turkey at the start of the scholarship and the end of the study completely, and many other features that we will offer in detail In the following articles.

First, the private groups in Turkey
Private universities in Turkey are characterized by low costs when compared to private universities in many other countries, as well as not requiring to undergo any admission tests, they require a high school diploma for admission only, and occupies a distinguished academic ranking among the most important private universities in the world.

In addition, private groups offer many scientific majors to study in, and study in Turkish and English is available. They are also equipped with high standards to provide opportunities for their students to obtain the best educational experience.

Second, studying medicine in Turkey
Turkish universities, especially private universities, are well-known for the quality of their medical studies. Private Turkish universities contain the most up-to-date medical tools and devices that students are trained in from the start of their studies to gain practical experience in dealing with medical devices brilliantly after graduation.

It also teaches scientific materials in the best ways and educational means that make the study of medicine an uncomplicated process as is common about studying medicine in Egypt and the Arab countries, and we will mention in the following articles the most important advantages that motivate you to study medicine in Turkey

2- The ease of living in Turkey and the similarity of its culture to Arab culture
Turkish society is distinguished by its Islamic culture mixed with a distinct European character, and because it is located geo/graphically between the continents of Asia and Europe, and historically an ancient Islamic country witnessed the last Islamic caliphate, you will find that Turkey does not differ much in its culture from our Arab countries and you will find ease with integration and living with it.

3- Tourism in Turkey
Tourism in Turkey is distinguished by diversity and distinction, due to the cultural and civilizational diversity that Turkey enjoys in addition to the presence of many tourist resorts, hotels and beaches, all of these factors contributed to making Turkey in the sixth position as one of the most important tourist countries in the world.

Turkey is distinguished by its charming atmosphere, the abundance of natural areas, historical cities and picturesque nature, as well as its cultural and historical heritage, and is famous for its varied foods and the best restaurants, and with all these advantages Turkey's tourism costs remain much less than the rest of the European countries and some places in the Arab countries.

4- Medical tourism in Turkey
Today, Turkey is one of the leading countries in the field of medical tourism, especially in the field of hair transplantation and removal, as there are many specialized centers for the treatment of cancerous tumors, not only this, but Turkey is distinguished by the presence of natural springs and eyes that have a good reputation around the world in the treatment of Many skin diseases, in addition to the distinct Turkish atmosphere, which helps you to spend ideal recovery periods.

In subsequent articles we will show the advantages of medical tourism in Turkey, which made it one of the most famous countries in the world in the field of medical tourism.

5- Low living expenses in Turkey compared to European countries
Turkey ranked the lowest countries in the cost of living and tourism in Europe, according to the statistics of the European office, "Eurostat", which ranked Turkey in first place among the 28 European countries, where the cost of living in Turkey is significantly low compared to the rest of Europe, and you can also spend a good time there As a matter of leisure tourism at the lowest possible cost, we will talk about the costs of living and living in Turkey in more detail in an upcoming article.

6- Turkey is an economic and commercial country
The Turkish market is an emerging market based on the statements issued by the International Monetary Fund, and Turkey is a new industrial country, in addition to this, the Turkish state is one of the most prominent producers in the agricultural field, textiles, shipbuilding, cars, transport equipment, electronics and clothing.

Therefore, Turkey's economy witnessed a rapid growth in the private sector during the previous period, which played a fundamental role in the industrial and banking field, communications and transportation as well, which made it provide thousands of job opportunities for new graduates, whether they were from Turkey or from expatriates, and also made it a good climate for businessmen that encouraged them to increase The volume of their trade.

7- Investing in leaving