Why Turkey?

Why Turkey?

Why Turkey?

   Turkey is one of the most important country have the admiration of the Arab youth as the perfect country they dream to live and  study in. Its European geo/graphy and its Islamic culture, which is highly similar to the Arabic culture, reinforces this admiration forming a unique model for the Turkish Arab culture and for the modern Islamic country.

   Turkey also is center of interest for Arab youth who desire to study abroad, due to the presence of several specialized universities in important studying fields and with prestigious international classification. Therefore, we will display now, in brief headings, the reasons prompted millions annually to go to Turkey and the reasons for their traveling.

Studying in Turkey

   Turkey is a destination for most of the Arab students who interest to study abroad due to its low tuition fees compared to other countries and its quality education. To study in Turkey, you can have a high-quality education and low tuition fees.

Studying in Public State Universities

   Many are looking for ways to enroll in public and private Turkish university alike. Indubitably, studying at a prestigious university in Turkey is good, yet the unique about this matter is that it is an easily achieved dream for Arab youth, particularly, if they excel in their studies.

   There are several fully or partially funded scholarships are available for the distinguished who want to study at the most important public universities.You can also study at a private university with low costs compared to the tuition fees in other countries.

   It is worth mentioning that Turkey grants great care for scholarships to spread its culture and its language in the world. Thus, it is normal to find thousands who want to study and obtain the annual supported scholarships.

   The Turkish Scholarship is the most important one in turkey, and it is not an exaggeration if we say: it is the most important scholarship in the world; it is fully funded and covers all housing expenses, health insurance, University premiums, travel and visa cost, in addition to a monthly stipend for applicants from outside Turkey. The ones who are accepted may receive paid tickets from Turkey to travel to and from Turkey at the beginning of the scholarship and at the complete termination of the study. There are also other merits that we will elaborate in the following articles.

 Studying in Private Universities of Turkey

   The private universities are characterized by their low costs compared to the private universities in other several countries. They don’t require to sit any entrance exams; they only require  the high school certificate in order to get the acceptance. They also have a prestigious academic ranking among the most important private universities in the world.

   Additionally, private universities present several scientific majors to study in, provide to study with Turkish and English and are equipped with high standards to provide opportunities for their students to receive the best educational experience.

Studying Medicine in Turkey

   Turkish universities, particularly the private ones, are known for their quality in studying medicine as private universities contain the latest medical tools and devices, which students train in from the beginning of the studying, to acquire practical experience in dealing with medical devices brilliantly after graduation. They also teach the scientific subjects with the best educational methods which make studying medicine uncomplicated process not as it is known in Egypt and Arab countries. In the upcoming articles, we will mention the most important merits which will provoke you to study medicine in Turkey.

 Living in turkey and the Similarities of its Culture with the Arabic Culture
   The Turkish society is characterized by Islamic culture mingles with a remarkable European character due to its geo/graphical location between the continents of both Asia and Europe, and its history; it is a long-standing Islamic country that witnessed the last Islamic Caliphate. You will find that Turkey’s culture does not differ much from the Arabic culture, and you will find that it is easy to integrate and live with it.

Tourism in Turkey

   Tourism in Turkey is distinguished by its variety and uniqueness as Turkey has cultural and civilizational diversity, in addition to the presence of several resorts, hotels and beaches. All these factors contribute to making Turkey in the sixth place as one of the world's most significant touristic countries.

   Turkey is marked by its enchanting atmosphere, natural areas, historical cities, stunning nature and cultural and historical heritage. It is also known for its various foods and its famous restaurants; However, the touristic costs are much lower than the cost of the European countries and some places in Arab countries.

Medical tourism in Turkey

   At the present time, Turkey is one of the prominent countries in the field of medical tourism, particularly in the field of hair transplant and removal and there are several specialist centers for cancer treatment. Not just this, Turkey is distinguished by natural springs, which have a good reputation around the world, treating several skin diseases, in addition to the unique Turkish atmosphere that helps on spending a perfect period of convalescing. In the following articles, we will display the merits of medical tourism in Turkey, which make it one of the most famous countries in the world in medical touristic filed.

In Turkey, living expenses are low compared to the 
European countries.Turkey was classified as the lowest on living and tourism costs in Europe, according to European office statistics “Eurostat” which ranked Turkey among the first 28 European countries, as living costs in Turkey is significantly low compared to the rest of Europe. You can also spend a good time there for leisure tourism at the lowest possible cost. We will talk about living and accommodation costs in Turkey with more details in the coming article.

Turkey: an Economical and a Commercial Country

   Turkish market is emerging market based on statements issued by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), it is a new industrial country, in addition, it is one of the most prominent producers in the agricultural field, textile, shipbuilding and cars industry, transport equipment, electronics and clothes. Therefore, Turkey’s economy witnessed a rapid growth in the private sector during the previous period playing a fundamental role in the industrial and banking field, as well as, communication and transportation which made it provide thousands of job opportunities for recent graduates whether they are from Turkey or expatriates in it, and made it good climate for businessmen encouraging them to increase their trade volume.

Investment in Turkey

   Turkey is a suitable country for investment for all world investors; it ranks in the seventeenth (17) place within the world’s strongest economies and has a membership in Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OCDE) and Group of Twenty (G20). Additionally, the Turkish government exempts exports from taxes and facilitates its marketing to the European Union. Many of investors recognize well this merit due to the difficulty of exporting some products from Arab countries to Europe.

   Moreover, Turkey grants working residence that provides all the services presented to the Turkish citizen and your child receives several merits such as free education and general health insurance for the family. Certainly, all the merits cannot be covered in this article, so all investment advantages in Turkey will be mentioned in the upcoming articles on our website.

Ease of obtaining Turkish citizenship

    Obtaining Turkish citizenship is an easy and uncomplicated matter which needs to fulfill only one condition to begin the procedures of obtaining citizenship, as some people seek to receive citizenship by buying real estate worth $250 thousand US dollars, staying as a resident constantly for 5 years or by marrying a Turkish citizen for more than three years. Certainly, we will mention all details and documents required to obtain the Turkish citizenship in our upcoming articles on our website.