Study in Turkey

Study in Turkey

YOS test

Learn all about this Turkish test and how to pass it at the required score

The Turkish scholarship

What does the Turkish scholarship offer to the student? What is its annual date, conditions and admi..

Why Turkey ?

ما الذي يجعل تركيا وجهة مثالية للدراسة وخاصة للطلاب العرب؟

Job opportunities

What is the expected career prospects for student after graduation, inside or outside Turkey?

How can I start?

What are the required procedures for a student to get a seat at a Turkish university?

Overview On The Governmental Universities

أصبحت الجامعات الحكومية التركية هدف العديد من الطلاب العرب والأجانب علي مستوى العالم وذلك لجودة التع..