Who We Are


Who We Are

StudyFans is a company specialized in educational services in Turkey.
Our mission is to provide students around the world with excellent educational opportunities. In universities known for their advanced scientific capacities and attractive learning environment; offering a unique study experience in various fields, all in line with our identity and goals.

With our support, students join SudyFans community where they experience a unique integrated process, from the very start when they first apply for studing abroad, till completing their program and returning home, should they decide to.


What We offer

At StudyFans, we offer you an integrated plan for your educational path, based on a study and planning derives from a our expertise and experiences, to make sure that your educational future is safe, with the best and most suitable option.

We chart your academic future:

Starting with full counseling, guidance and assessment options, to obtaining your place at one of the best universities.

We support you till stability:

There is no need to worry about traveling and studying abroad, because you will join StudyFans community to be supported in securing your accommodation and all stability requirements so that you can devote yourself for study.

Unique Features

Honesty and credibility

The first and most important criterion
Because our reputation surpasses everything
In terms of importance to us


Not only we do our job and fulfill
our obligations, but we seek
To do it as high as possible

Expertise and experience

You will not start from scratch
We put in your hands a summary
of what we have gained For years to build on


You don't need to make time for follow-up
Our internal and self-monitoring system
Is the guarantee for us and you

Distinctive Relationships

Getting acceptance is not everything
We support our students as much as possible
through our strong relationship with universities

Continuous development

We not only accumulate expertise, experience
and practice that increase our strength and success
but we continue in develop to be the best

Our Distinguished Team

Why We are the Best

When our view of things is comprehensive, not limited to commercial or marketing aspects or to figures and statistics, then we contribute to open the minds of our students and their families to the true reality in its full picture, not to our perceptions and orientations, here you can feel that we want the best for you, so you can feel with us:

  • That you are among your family that supports you
  • Trust and reassurance
  • Appreciation and attention
  • That you deserve the best

What Students Say